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Instrumental Activities of Daily Living(IADLs)

We are here to help you in every aspect you might need assistance with.

Instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) refer to the activities that an individual does every day to take care of himself/herself and his/her home. While activities of daily living (ADLs) entail basic self-care tasks, IADLs require more complex planning. Some of the IADLs we assist with include:

  • Managing finances, such as paying bills and keeping track of financial assets.
  • Managing transportation either via driving or by organizing other means of transport.
  • Shopping and meal preparation. This covers everything required to get a meal on the table. It also covers shopping for clothing and other items required for daily life.
  • House cleaning and home maintenance. This means cleaning kitchens after eating, keeping one’s living space reasonably clean and tidy, and keeping up with home maintenance.
  • Managing communication, such as phone calls and emails.
  • Managing medications, which covers obtaining prescriptions and taking them as directed. Vital signs monitoring and medication reminders are also covered.
  • Part of our non-medical care is monitoring your health through blood pressure and temperature checks, as well as making sure you adhere to your medications on time.

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